New FER-Compliant Gas Furnace Line

Airquest Announces New FER-Compliant Gas Furnace Line    

What is FER?

FER (Fan Energy Rating) specifies a maximum fan energy rating that varies based on the airflow provided by the furnace fan. 

Each furnace model must be tested to confirm the FER value meets the regulation, and the furnace must be re-designed if the value is above the allowable limit. FER limit targets either a 12% or 46% reduction in watts/cfm, depending on the type of furnace.

The FER regulations take effect on July 3, 2019.

How does Airquest plan to meet FER standards?

The team at Airquest Heating and Cooling has developed solutions to both meet FER standards AND provide a complete gas furnace product offering. 

Airquest is implementing the following technical changes to its gas furnace lineup: 

1. Eliminate PSC motors in new gas furnaces. These motors are simply not efficient enough to meet the new regulations. Airquest will move all gas furnace product lines to more electrically efficient ECM motors, but will still support PSC parts for the foreseeable future.

2. Airquest is utilizing new ECM technology that will increase motor efficiency from approximately 80% to approximately 85%. Additionally, Airquest has added new blower wheel technology for models with the largest challenge meeting FER (95%+AFUE with 14” cabinet).

3. Airquest is making airflow adjustments to ECM models to improve operational efficiency. 

Airquest plans to launch its new FER compliant lineup in May, 2019: 




Because the FER watt reduction target for oil furnaces is considerably lower than for gas furnaces, Airquest PSC oil furnaces are anticipated to meet FER requirements without any changes. 


What do these changes mean for Airquest® gas furnace nomenclature?

Airquest is changing gas furnace nomenclature to better describe the product features with more descriptive product efficiency and different motor descriptors. See the chart below for explanation: 

Expect continued FER announcements on over the next few months!