Focus on FER! Part 1: Learn More About the New Gas Furnace Line

Dealer Tips that Could Help You Sell More Furnaces this Season

Several months ago, Airquest® Heating & Cooling Products announced its new gas furnace line designed to meet the Department of Energy's (DOE) Fan Energy Rating (FER) that went into effect July 3.

Need additional information on FER? Check out this resource: 

With available features like modulating gas valves, variable-speed fan motors, and sound-reducing insulated blower compartments, Airquest® gas furnaces are continually improving for you and your customers. 

But, did you know there are several additions to the recent Airquest furnace launch that could provide an edge over the competition and include some great benefits for homeowners? 

In Part 1 of this "Focus on FER!" series, let's find out more dealer tips on two of these furnaces: 

1. Get communicating capability with a two-stage gas furnace in the new Airquest® G96CTN Ion™ 96. 
2. Get a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty (upon timely registration)1 with the new Airquest® G80CTL Ion™ 80 gas furnace.

Airquest® G96CTN Ion 96 Gas Furnace: 
Communicating Capability with a Two-Stage Furnace

Let's start with the G96CTN Ion 96 gas furnace. It may be the right solution for some homeowners this winter. 

The G96CTN Ion 96 achieves up to 96.5 percent AFUE heating efficiency and two-stage heat with Ion communicating capability. So, homeowners can receive all the advantages of an Ion communicating system in an affordable two-stage gas furnace with the Ion System Control.2  Mention this benefit to your customers!

Here are more details on the Airquest G96CTN Ion 96 gas furnace: 

Airquest® G80CTL Ion 80 Gas Furnace: 
Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty for an 80 Percent AFUE Furnace

Turn your attention to the Airquest G80CTL Ion 80 gas furnace. With 80 percent AFUE heating efficiency, this two-stage furnace has a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty (upon timely registration)1 in addition to these great features: 

Homeowners can receive all the benefits associated with a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty1 in an affordable two-stage gas furnace with the Airquest G80CTL Ion 80 gas furnace. Share this tip with homeowners!

Focus on FER!
Today, we discussed two dealer tips on the Airquest G96CTN Ion 96 and G80CTL Ion 80 that may help you sell more gas furnaces this winter. 

There are more dealer tips associated with the new furnaces we'd love to share with you. Keep your mouse pointed to for more "Focus on FER!" stories as we prepare for the cold-weather selling season.

1 Timely registration required for 10-year parts limited warranty and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty. Limited warranty period is 5 years for parts and 20 years for heat exchanger if not registered within 90 days of installation, except in jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned upon registration. Please see warranty certificate for further details and restrictions.

2 Customers can experience the convenience of remote system access when they connect their Ion System Control to a compatible home Wi-Fi® network. App requires iOS® or Android® mobile device. 

3 See No Hassle Replacement limited warranty certificate for complete details and exclusions. 

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