Ductless Mobile App Puts Climate Control in the Palm of Your Hand!

Help Customers Stay Connected to their Airquest® Ductless Systems
Using the Updated Midea
® Air App

On any given day, your customers are probably using their smart phones for a variety of tasks  such as ordering lunch, closing a business deal, checking social media or making a call. So, why not inform customers of the option to use their smart phones to connect to their ductless systems? It's possible with a Wi-Fi®1-compatible Airquest® ductless system, a smart device and the Midea®2 Air app. 

The Midea Air app allows homeowners to easily adjust any or all of their ductless units  anytime from anywhere with a smart device and Wi-Fi connectivity. And, the Midea Air app was recently updated so it's more intuitive and user friendly than ever!

Here are some tips you can share with your ductless customers to put climate control at their fingertips. In a few minutes, you'll have them using the Midea Air app and their smart phones to control the operational mode, temperature settings, room/unit settings, schedules, etc. of their Airquest single- or multi-zone ductless systems. 

Ductless Mobile App Puts Climate Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Getting Connected
First, download the latest version of the Midea Air app at the App Store®3 or Google Play®4. Next, power up the Airquest high-efficiency ductless system and have the remote handy.

After downloading the Midea Air app on a smart device, it's easy to connect to the ductless system via a home network router with Wi-Fi connection. The app provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect a ductless unit to the mobile device and get started. 

It's Easy to Connect the Ductless Unit to the Mobile Device and Get Started

Changing the Operational Mode
Once the Airquest ductless system is connected to the homeowner's smart phone, s/he can utilize the Midea Air app to adjust the operational mode on the system. There are five operational modes: Cool, Dry, Fan, Auto and Heat.

Let's say the customer lives in Arizona where a 30° F morning can turn into a 75° F afternoon. While at work, s/he can use a smart phone to change the operational mode of the system from "Heat" to "Cool" by tapping the appropriate icon near the top of the screen. 

Change the Operational Mode of the System Using Simple Icons

Adjusting the Temperature
It's easy to adjust the temperature of the ductless system. Simply use the dial in the center of the screen and the minus (-) or plus (+) buttons to change the degree setting to meet comfort needs. 

Selecting Specific Rooms or Ductless Units within the House
Let's say the homeowners are out for date night, but their teenagers are home. Using the Midea Air app, Wi-Fi connectivity and a smart phone, they can turn off units in any room in the house, and adjust units in the areas their teenagers spend the most time in. 

The Homeowner can Adjust Specific Rooms or Units within the House

Customizing a Specific Comfort Schedule
Homeowners can customize their own heating and cooling schedules with the Midea Air app. Easily set daily schedules for unit operation, temperature settings and fan speed. To address hot spots, homeowners can even remotely change the air direction of the ductless units. Pretty cool!

Set Your Own Comfort Schedule

Airquest and Midea put climate control in the palm of your hand. Homeowners can easily adjust the operational mode, temperature settings, room/unit settings, schedules, etc. of their Airquest ductless products using a smart phone, Wi-Fi connectivity and the new and improved Midea Air app. Share these tips with your ductless customers today!

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